Welcome to our one-stop shop for User Fees, Development Fees and points of contact for all fee-related questions. Fees for classes, events, and programs can be found on the Community Services page.

User Fees

Our User Fee Handbook (2021-2022) (PDF) provides a comprehensive list of User Fees. These fees are adjusted on an annual basis. The table below can assist you in finding specific User Fee categories and points of contact for any fee-related questions.

Annual fee adjustments occur on July 1 each year.  Note: Our fee page will be updated soon. Please contact each department directly for updated fees, as needed.

Non-construction Certificate of Occupancy Fees

Square Footage of Space Occupied*Inspection Fees
0-1500 square feet$174.00 (until July 1, 2024)
1501+ square feet$346.00 (until July 1, 2024)

User Fee Breakdown

User Fees
Fee Summary Sheet
Point of Contact
Building and Safety (PDF)
N/A 951-694-6476
Business License N/A 951-693-3933
Community Services (PDF)
N/A 951-694-6480
Fire (PDF)
Landscaping (PDF)
N/A 951-694-6400
Planning (PDF)
N/A 951-694-6400
Police (PDF)
N/A 951-506-5130
Public Works (Land Development) (PDF)
Public Works Fee Summary

Development Fees

  1. Art in Public Places
  2. Development Impact Fees (DIF)
  3. K-RAT
  4. MSHCP
  6. TUMF
  7. Uptown Temecula
  8. Outside Agencies

Art in Public Places (In Lieu of Fee)

On June 22, 2004, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 04-06 adding Chapter 5.08 to the Temecula Municipal Code for the Public Art Program.

Residential (Per Unit)
Residential - Single/Multi-family1/10 of 1% of the project cost in excess of $100,000

Commercial (Per Unit)
Industrial/Business Park/Retail/Service/Office1/10 of 1% of the project cost in excess of $100,000

Example Calculation

Building Valuation $180,000

Excess of $100,000 80,000 ($180,000 - $100,000)

1% 800 ($80,000 x 1%)

10% of 1% 80 ($800 x 10%)

Public Art Fee $ 80

Fee Questions?

Fee Point of Contact
Development Impact Fees (DIF)
Permit Center Manager 951-506-5189
Public Art Fees
Permit Center Manager 951-693-3926
TUMF WRCOG 951-405-6712
Permit Center Manager 951-506-5189
Uptown Temecula In-Lieu Permit Center Manager 951-506-5189