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1. Who do I call when I have a nuisance coyote that is trying to take (kill) my pet?
2. Are coyotes considered a protected species?
3. As a home or property owner, can I trap a nuisance coyote that is coming onto my property?
4. Can coyotes be relocated?
5. If I hire a trapper what are the legal requirements?
6. Can a Home-Owner Association (HOA) legally hire a trapper?
7. Can female coyotes be trapped, neutered and released back into wild to reduce the number of their offspring?
8. Is hazing a coyote considered a form of harassment?
9. When is it legal to trap within 150 yards of a residence?
10. How do humans affect coyote behavior?
11. Does the CDFW trap and remove nuisance wildlife for persons experiencing problems with raccoons, skunks or opossums?
12. Does the CDFW rehabilitate injured wildlife?
13. Where did you get this information?