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Cancel Your Building Inspection Request

  1. Cancel a Building Inspection Request

  2. Please provide the correct Building Permit Number for your cancellation.

  3. Please provide accurate cancellation dates.

  4. Which inspection would you like to cancel?

  5. Non-construction Certificate of Occupancy

  6. Pre-Construction

    Required for tenant improvements over 3,000 square feet and for new commercial buildings.

  7. Miscellaneous

  8. Utilities

  9. Pre-Concrete

  10. Pools

  11. Finals

  12. Rough Inspections

  13. Walls

  14. Solar

    Confirm that you have the CORRECT permit number. Solar finals and panel upgrades are separate permit numbers.

    Solar inspections are not available on Fridays.

  15. Reminder:

    By initialing below, I understand that I am forfeiting my inspection request and I must request a new inspection.

  16. Point of Contact for Cancellation

  17. Person Requesting the Inspection

  18. Repeat

  19. Want to reschedule?

    After your submit this form you will be taken to our online inspection request form.

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