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Building and Safety

  1. Address Request Form (Building and Safety)

    An address request form for the Building and Safety Division.

  2. Building and Safety Issued Plan(s) Revision Request Form

    This form can be used to request permission to upload a revision. Once the request is reviewed, a permit technician will contact you.... More…

  3. Foreclosure Registration Form

    Temecula Municipal Code Section 8.44

  1. Building & Safety Inspection Request

    Building Inspection Request Form.

  2. Cancel Your Building Inspection Request

    Cancel Your Building Inspection Request Form.

  3. Special Inspector Registration

Community Services

  1. Art Off the Walls Artist Application

    The City of Temecula Community Services Department of Arts and Culture hosts a monthly outdoor Art Off The Walls event in Old Town... More…

  2. Color Run Liability Waiver - Minor
  3. High Hopes Program
  4. Open Streets: Exhibitor Application
  1. Color Run Liability Waiver - Adult
  2. Contract Instructor Application
  3. Mary Phillips Senior Center Membership Form
  4. Remembrance Tree Program


  1. Landscape Inspection Request Form

    Landscape Inspection Request Form.

  2. Zoning Letter Request

    A zoning letter is a formal written request for zoning information on a particular property or parcel.

  1. Planning Inspection Request Form

    Planning Inspection Request Form.

Public Works

  1. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Program and Facility Users Survey

    The City is seeking input from agencies, organizations, and individuals with disabilities to help the City enhance accessibility to its... More…


  1. Certificate Request Application
  2. Military Banner Application

    Application to submit a banner which recognizes and honors those brave individuals that are serving active duty in the United States... More…

  1. Internal Form - Council Member Award of Recognition (Upon Retirement)

    Form submitted by City staff to request an Award of Recognition for Council Members upon retirement.

  2. Public Recognitions Request Application

    Please complete this form to request any of the following: Community Leader Award of Distinction, Council Member Award of Recognition... More…

Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange

  1. Client Application

    Please do not disclose any proprietary information with respect to your business or technology. While it is our policy to keep your... More…