Where is there Handicap Parking?

Handicap Parking is available just outside the Old Town Parking Garage.

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1. Where do I park on Friday, May 5th?
2. Where do I park on Saturday, May 6th?
3. When will the shuttles be running?
4. Where can I get picked up or dropped off by an Uber or Lyft?
5. Does this event have an admission cost?
6. What is the date of this event?
7. Will there be reserved parking again for this year’s event?
8. Where do I check-in if I am registered for the Rod Run?
9. Is there a year limit for the vehicles?
10. Is there overnight parking?
11. Where is there Handicap Parking?
12. Do I need to be registered for the Friday Night Cruise?
13. What types of cars qualify for the cruise night?
14. I am looking for the Greyhound bus pick up during the Rod Run, where will that be?