Household Recyclables and Residential Recycling
Items that can be recycled (in the blue or grey cart)
Glass jars and bottles (please rinse jars, cans and bottles)
Aluminum cans
Tin cans
Plastic carts
Magazines and junkmail
Computer paper

Please do not place these items in the recycling cart
Plastic bags
Organics (yard/food waste)
Construction waste
Household hazardous waste (cleaners, pesticides, paints, light bulbs, medications, etc.)

The California Integrated Waste Management Act (CIWMA) of 1989 mandates that all cities and counties in California reduce solid waste disposed at landfills generated within their jurisdictions by 50%. Cities and Counties that do not meet the State goals may be fined up to $10,000 per day.

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11. Household Recyclables and Residential Recycling
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