Incubator Companies

NZN Labs

NZN Labs, Inc.

NZN Labs’ flagship product, Lit Pro, is the gold standard for training and performance analytics for motocross. 

Total ABA Powered by Inviscid Software Total ABA

Inviscid Software provides cloud-based solutions that automate the billing, scheduling, and clinical documentation for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) clinics. Its mission is to simplify the business side of running an ABA clinic, so that therapists can concentrate on helping the kids, not the paperwork.


LifeLinkx is a cloud based healthcare platform, specialized in Personal Health Records (PHR) management and monitoring services. Its application is exclusively designed for laymen, caregivers, and healthcare providers.
MC3 Solutions MC3
For software developers who need an easy and intuitive way to receive data from IOT devices, Conduit™ is an IOT development platform that can securely receive, parse, store and share IOT event data. Conduit™ focuses on data distribution making it easy to implement and use. Conduit™ offloads the hassles of device connectivity and data normalization to itself, freeing software developers to focus on building viable products and getting them to the market fast. Current IOT technology creates a gap between IOT devices and the software developers who need the information the devices are sending to create their applications. Their product bridges that gap!

Agrobiomics Agrobiomics

Agrobiomics developed its first product keeping in mind the harmonious balance of nature.
Bees are essential players in the pollination process of many fruit and nut crops.
One of the main byproducts of worker bees is the beeswax used to build the honeycomb. Beeswax possesses hydrophobic and antimicrobial properties. Unlike any other wound sealant solutions, Agrobiomics uses beeswax to naturally protect crops but at the same time to create a full cycle from bees to trees. Agrobiomics' CropSeal product is, therefore, the only natural solution on the market suitable for organic agriculture to prevent against trunk diseases.

​USMCA USMCA-Final-web2

Their mission is to create an infrastructure of certified motorcycle coaches nation-wide that will provide quality coaching for on & off-road motorcyclists from the beginner level up through advanced levels of riding and competition.

Vinduino vinduino-logo

We are winegrowers, our solutions are designed with farming requirements in mind. The idea for Vinduino came as we needed reliable soil moisture data for our irrigation decisions during a multi-year  drought at our vineyard in Temecula, Southern California.
By monitoring soil moisture and managing irrigation schedule and time, we achieved 25% saving on our water use.

Vinduino uses open source hardware, like Arduino and Raspberry Pi,  to make our solutions affordable and scalable. We developed a low-cost soil moisture sensor, and  long-range wireless technology to view the sensor information  on-line.
Because of this, more sensors can be used to provide a more detailed soil moisture profile.