Incubator Companies

iatrixAir, Inc. Untitled design (15)

iatrixAir is a HealthTech startup using machine learning to stop airborne  pathogens. We design, sell and support our products and services that rapidly secures the indoor air quality to small, medium and large commercial businesses through a contractor network. Our solution is based on a mission critical hardware/software IOT platform that has fast detection, fast remediation and fast information of indoor airborne pathogens including viruses, bacteria, and mold/fungus. Learn more about iatrixAir, Inc:

ExIm 20/20 Group

ExIm 20/20 Group is a minority and veteran-owned business that offers advisory services in the areas of international trade, foreign direct investment, and government relations. 

International Trade and Economic Development - Experienced global visionary, leveraging trade integration to spur economic growth and development. 

Foreign Direct Investment - Implement strategies and vision in market entry, with foreign language skills in Dutch, Afrikaans and Indonesian. 

Government Relations - Building sustainable partnership between government industry adding value and delivering results. 

Learn more about ExIm 20/20 Group:

E2Logicx Corporation 

E2Logicx was founded on the idea to enhance the Power of SAP ERP Solutions with a more logical approach with the power of X. They are now one of the leading enterprises AI-driver software solution providers for accelerating digital transformation and robotics process automation. They provide comprehensive services to build enterprise-scale RPA applications to run their businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

They bring the value chain in the public sector with prebuilt, configurable, high-value AI applications for analytics, predictive maintenance, fraud detection, sensor network health, supply network optimization, energy management, anti-money laundering, and customer engagement. 

Learn more about E2Logicx Corporation:

NZN Labs, Inc.

NZN Labs’ flagship product, Lit Pro, is the gold standard for training and performance analytics for motocross. NZN Labs specializes in GPS lap timing and sports analytics solutions. Their app applies to different types of two-wheel or four-wheel racing. LITPro’s mission is to empower athletes and coaches to achieve their full potential. Learn more about NZN Labs:

Phi Alpha Contract Solutions 

Phi Alpha Contract Solutions (PACS) supports the growth of small businesses by bidding and helping to manage Federal and State contracts, which helps build a new stream of revenue in their portfolio of business. PACS also specializes in supporting Emergency Management needs such as: Base Camps, Emergency Trailers, Modular Buildings, Generators, Light Towers, Storage Containers, and Canned Water, including others. 

Terra Network Solutions  TNS no background      

Terra Network Solutions (TNS) is a Veteran Owned Information Technology Consulting Firm serving southern California. TNS provides innovative solutions that help businesses stay on pace with shifting technology trends, that have created a competitive market due to the use of newer information technology(IT). TNS designs and implements IT systems and infrastructure that maximizes business workflows, identifies, and eliminates inefficient processes as well as alleviate the burden of having dedicated IT personnel on staff for small businesses. Learn more about TNS:

The Local GistTLG

The Local Gist is a Multi-Media Agency specializing in cross-platform marketing and advertising campaigns for businesses throughout Temecula and its neighboring communities. Their focus is brand/product awareness and customer loyalty for their clients so they reach both locals and tourists across as many media outlets as we can. They implement fun, effective campaigns customized to reach their target audience but also matches the client’s style and affordability. To help hit this cross-promotion goal, they  launched a Digital and Print Lifestyle Magazine called The Local Gist as a monthly publication all about the latest and greatest in our area which is given out for free via their sponsors & distributors, as well as available digitally on our website.  Learn more about the Local Gist: