Youth Master Plan

Since 1989 the city’s population has grown by over 350%. The City is known for activities including dirt biking/off roading, hot air balloon rides, golf, nearby wineries, and the Pechanga Resort and Casino.

Because the City is relatively safe and affordable, it provides a nurturing, family friendly environment for youth and teens. However, the community has encountered challenges in providing the productive and healthy activities and long-term support that their youth and teens might want. The community has seen an increase in youth and teen drug and alcohol abuse, gang activity, violence, and other problems concerning young people.

Master Plan Formation
To address these needs, the City engaged Temecula’s youth and the broader community in a strategic planning process to develop new ideas for how the entire community could work together to make Temecula a better place for youth and teens both today and for generations to come. This resulting Youth Master Plan is based on community input and strategic discussion about youth-oriented activities, facilities, programs, partnerships, and more that can improve life for Temecula’s young people.