RTA Routes & Schedules

The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) provides bus service to the City of Temecula and throughout Riverside County. For schedules and fares please call 951-565-5005.
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RTA routes have been designed for your convenience. In most instances, one route can serve your trip needs. On occasion, you may need to take more than one route to get to your destination. If you’re having trouble planning your trip, please call the RTA Customer Information Center at 951-565-5002. Review Riverside County Current Route Schedules for more information.

Commuter Express

Commuter Express buses are available so you can leave your car at home and enjoy a stress-free ride to your destination. Several buses offer movies, cushioned and/or reclining seats, tray tables, and laptop connectivity.

Temecula Routes

Visit Riverside Transit Agency's Map & Schedules page for updated Route Information.

Route 23

  1. County Center Drive
  2. Winchester and Nicolas
  3. Vista Murrieta High School
  4. Rancho Spring Medical Center
  5. Murrieta Walmart
  6. Kalmia and Jefferson
  7. Murrieta Valley High School
  8. Skyview Ridge Amanda Apartments
  9. Inland Valley Hospital

Route 24

Temecula to Pechanga Resort to Temecula Walmart:
  1. Temecula Walmart
  2. Pechanga Resort
  3. Temecula Stage Stop 6th and Front
  4. Temecula Library
  5. Margarita and Rancho California
  6. County Center

Route 55

  1. Harveston Way
  2. Winchester/Nicholas Rd.
  3. Promenade Mall
  4. County Center

Route 79

  1. Temecula Stage Stop 6th and Front
  2. County Center Drive
  3. Promenade Mall
  4. Winchester and Nicolas
  5. Southwest Justice Center
  6. Winchester and Pouroy
  7. Simpson and Winchester
  8. Hemet Valley Mall
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Route 206

Temecula-Murrieta-Lake Elsinore-Corona Metrolink:
  1. Promenade Mall PNR
  2. Murrieta Walmart
  3. Elsinore Outlet Center PNR
  4. Corona Transit Center

Getting Started

The first step in planning your trip is to decide the starting point, where you want to go, and what day and time you want to travel. The RTA system map will help you determine which route or routes you will take. The route directory on page 24 can also help you determine the bus route(s) that serve several key locations throughout the county.

Once you have determined the route(s) you need, follow these simple steps to plan your trip:
  1. On the route map, locate the beginning and ending point of your bus trip.
  2. Locate the time point closest to your beginning and ending bus trip location. Time points are indicated on the route maps by a number inside a circle.
    NOTE: Each time point on the route map has a corresponding column on the timetable. Not all bus stops are indicated on the map and there are many bus stops between each time point.
  3. Find the column on the correct timetable that corresponds with your selected time point. Be sure you are using the timetable for the correct day of the week and direction of travel. Read down the column below the time point to find the time closest to your desired departure. Time for stops between time points can be estimated by adding the amount of time it will take the bus to get from the previous time point to your stop.