Trash & Recycling

The City of Temecula contracts with CR&R Inc. for trash and recycling services. CR&R provides the most cost effective method of trash collection with a state of the art recycling and green waste program.

For more information visit CR&R's website or call CR&R at 951-943-1991.

NEW!  Mandatory Commercial Recycling - Assembly Bill 341 requires all businesses the separate their recyclables from their trash for recycling.  Click here for more information.

NEW! Mandatory Organics Recycling - Assembly Bill 1826  requires all businesses to separate their food scraps and green waste for recycling.  Click here for more information.

Assembly Bill No. 2048 Solid Waste Franchise Agreement - Assembly Bill 2048 (AB 2048) requires a jurisdiction or a public agency to post on its internet website all current franchise agreements between contracted solid waste and recycling haulers.  The City of Temecula contracts with CR&R, Inc., for solid waste and recycling services.  The franchise agreement is available at the following link: CR&R, Inc. Franchise Agreement

Full text of Assembly Bill 2048 is available at