Temecula 2040

A wall graphic of the Quality of Life Master Plan update

Purpose & Background

The Temecula 2040 Plan is a living document that reflects the vision and long-term goals of our City. As Temecula continues to grow and mature, the Temecula 2040 Plan will be a crucial part of not only maintaining our quality of life, but to take a proactive approach and identify specific community needs, goals, and possible improvements.

QLMP Process

A graphic depicting the steps in the process for the City of Temecula's Quality of Life Master Pl

Larger QLMP Graphic for Download

Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC)

 General Plan Update Subcommittee

Mayor, Maryann Edwards

Mayor Pro-Tem, Matt Rahn

Commission/Board Reps

Lanae Turley-Trejo, Planning Commission 

Ross Jackson, Old Town Local Review Board

David Matics, Public/Traffic Safety Commission  

Kathy Sizemore, Community Services

Denyse Wilson, REDI Commission 

At-Large Members

Gary Oddi, Bike Temecula Valley Coalition

Amy Minniear, Special Needs Community

Scott Treadway, Rancho Christian Schools

Sandy Rosenstein, Interfaith Council 

Jeremy Brown, Mount San Jacinto College 

Darlene Wetton, Temecula Valley Hospital

Kimberly Adams, Visit Temecula Valley

Jacob Mejia, Director of Public Affairs

Sam Jammal, Camp Pendleton

Juan Carlos Duron, Optiforms

Aaron Petroff, Social Work Action Group

Tammy Marine, Habitat for Humanity

Teri Biancardi, Sierra Club

Carl Love, Local History

Jodi McClay, TVUSD

Background Documentation

Meeting Archive

August 26, 2021QLMP Blue Ribbon Committee #1Video
July 20, 2021QLMP City Council WorkshopVideo
July 13, 2021Community Survey City Council Presentation Video


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Temecula 2030 (Current QLMP)

The Temecula 2030 Plan the current Quality of Life Master Plan (QLMP) that reflects the vision and long-term goals of our City. 


The Temecula 2030 Plan provides the City the ability to quantify and measure our success, and is connected to the City’s Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Quality of Life

Temecula 2030 is driven by sustaining an excellent Quality of Life in the City of Temecula. For more information, view the Quality of Life Master Plan (PDF).

Foundation Ideals

Temecula uses the following ideals and quotes as the foundation and guide for the Temecula 2030 Plan.

  • Vision, Balance, Community
  • "The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious." - Former CEO of Pepsi and Apple Computer, John Scully
  • "Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. Not something to wish for, but to attain.” - William Jennings Bryan

Video Archive