Adult Sports Leagues

For general inquires about our Adult Softball League and Adult Kickball League, please contact:
Andrew Formentera
Community Services Assistant, Adult Sports Leagues

For general inquires about our Adult Basketball League, please contact:

Matt Dobbins
Senior Recreation Leader

Adult Sports Office
Patricia H. Birdsall Sports Park 
32380 Deer Hollow Way
Temecula, CA, 92592
(951) 694-6410, ext. 4195

 *New* Adult Kickball League

The City of Temecula provides balls for all Kickball games.

Summer 2023 Season

Registration: June 6, 2023
 Season Begins: August 1, 2023

Registration Packet link is available on this page.
Contact for any questions.


Adult Slow-Pitch Softball League

SoftballLeagueFlyerSF23 The City of Temecula provides bats for all softball games.

Summer/Fall 2023 Season

Registration: June 6, 2023
 Location: Patricia H. Birdsall Sports Park Office

Season Begins: July 31, 2023
 Location: The Sports Ranch at Sommers Bend

Please select your division to find game schedules, rosters and standings. For information on rules and procedures, or to get your name added to the waiting list, please contact

Non-Resident Fee Policy

Non-residents are defined as those who reside outside the city limits of Temecula. Non-residents are required to pay an additional fee of $10/per person, per division, per season. Non-resident fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Fee: $500/team (additional $10 non-resident fee per player)

The following divisions are for the current season only:

MondayMen's II6-10 p.m.Sommers Bend
6-10 p.m.Sommers Bend

WednesdayCorporate Softball6-10 p.m.Sommers Bend

ThursdayMen's II6-10 p.m.Sommers Bend

FridayCOED6-10 p.m.Sommers Bend




Tuesdays 6:00/7:00/8:00/9:00 (Division 2)
 Thursdays 7:00/8:00/9:00 (Division 1)


Summer 2023 Season

Registration: TBD

Season Begins: TBD

 The Following MUST be submitted to the CRC Front Office:

 $250.00 per Team (Each team must have 8 Players on roster in order to be added to the League.)

 A jersey fee of $30.00 (per player) must be paid for each individual player on the roster.

 Non-Resident fee of $10.00 must be paid for each Individual who is not a Temecula Resident.

 Completed team roster form.

 Copy of each player’s driver’s license/picture ID.


 All fees must be paid in full, team roster, and photo I.D.'s and proof of Temecula Residence  submitted at the CRC by scheduled registration dates only and will be verified before a team is accepted into a league.  The basketball program is a self-supporting program.  League fees are subject to change from season to season.  The fees cover the cost of awards, registration, facility use, referee’s and scorekeeper's.


 Adults eighteen (18) years of age and older are eligible to participate.  All participants must submit a photo copy of their valid California Driver's License/I.D.  


 Each team shall be allowed a maximum of twelve (12) players which include a playing manager.  Only players listed on the roster may play in league games.  A team may start and finish play with a minimum of four players.


  Each team may add up to three players to their original roster. To make a roster change, the manager shall submit to the CRC office an add/drop form identifying the person to be added and the person to be deleted.  The CRC office shall approve all roster changes and determine the effective date of league eligibility for each new player.  Use of a new player without specific approval or prior to the effective date of eligibility shall result in a forfeit due to an ineligible player.  Players must be added before the 5th game of league play.  Once a player has been officially dropped by a team, he cannot play for any other team in that division for the remainder of the season. 

Other Adult Sports Programs:
 Adult Basketball Open Gym (CRC)
 Adult Volleyball Open Gym (CRC)
 Adult Pickleball Open Gym (CRC)

 For contact information on adult sports programs that are offered by private organizations in Temecula (flag football, soccer, etc.), please email For information about adult volleyball and basketball, please contact the Community Recreation Center (CRC).