Jr. Lifeguards

This volunteer program allows youth/teens the opportunity to be a trained in the basics of water safety, first aid and introduction to basic lifeguard skills.  

Jr. Lifeguards are divided into two classes based on age: Ages 10-13 years and Ages 13-16 years.  Please see below.

Registration will begin April 11 on the online catalog.

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  1. Ages 10-13 Yrs
  2. Ages 13-16 Yrs

Jr. Lifeguards - Ages 10-13 years

This program is designed for individuals ages 10-13 who enjoy being in, on and around the water.  In this class participants will learn what it means to be water safe, not just at the pool but all bodies of water.  Participants will also practice basic lifeguard water rescues and skills.  

Fee: $50


Swim Test

  • Swim front crawl for 25 yards continuously while breathing to the front or side
  • Swim the breaststroke for 25 yards using a pull, breathe, kick, and glide sequence
  • Water Competency Sequence Test
    • Enter the water and completely submerge
    • Recover to the surface and remain there for at least 1 minute (floating or treading)
    • Rotate 360 degrees and orient to the exit
    • Level off and propel oneself on the front or the back through the water for at least 25 yards
    • Exit from the water


Click here to see the anticipated 2023 schedule.  Dates and times are subject to change and will be communicated to participants and parents.