Individual/Semi-Private Lessons

With up to two students per instructor, this class offers private or small group instruction to beginner and intermediate-level swimmers of all ages and abilities. This class is designed to offer a more individualized approach to learning how to swim.  Each session consists of four, 25-minute lessons.

When enrolling, you can register 1 or 2 participants for the same fee.  If enrolling 2 participants, both swimmers need to be of similar age and swimming ability.

Classes are available at a variety of different times.  Please scroll down to see the options and please see the online catalog for the current availability and to register.

Fee Residents - $90
Non-Residents - $100
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Age 3 years and up
 Online using the online catalog.
 Walk-in at Community Rec Center during office hours (see right). Not currently available due to ongoing construction.

Weekday Classes

 Weekday classes are two days per week for two weeks.  Please check the online catalog for the current availability and to register.

Weekday Class and Registration Dates

Location: Community Rec Center - 30875 Rancho Vista Rd.
Days: Mon/Wed OR Tue/Thu
Lesson Times: 6:30-6:55 p.m;  7:00-7:25 p.m.

Location: Margarita Rec Center - 29119 Margarita Rd. (West)
Days: Tue/Thu
Lesson Times: 6:45-7:10 p.m;  7:15-7:40 p.m; 7:45-8:10 p.m.

Location: Temecula Elementary School - 29119 Margarita Rd. (East)
Days: Mon/Wed OR Tue/Thu
Lesson Times: 12:45-1:10p.m; 1:15-1:40 p.m; 1:45-2:10 p.m; 2:15-2:40 p.m; 3:15-3:40 p.m;

SessionLesson DatesResident 
1Jun 17-27Jun 3-13Jun 4-13
2*Jul 1-11Jun 20-27Jun 21-27
3July 15-25Jul 3-11Jul 5-11
4July 29 - Aug 8Jul 18-25Jul 19-25

*Class Skip Date: July 4

Fall Evening Class and Registration Dates

Location: Margarita Rec Center - 29119 Margarita Rd (East)
Days: Mon/Wed OR Tue/Th
Lesson Times: TBD

SessionLesson DatesResident RegistrationNon-Resident Registration

*Reduced fee for shorted class on M/W

Friday or Saturday Classes

These classes are one time per week for four weeks.  Please check the online catalog for the current availability and to register.

Location: Margarita Rec Center - 29119 Margarita Rd. (East)
Day: Fridays or Saturdays
Lesson Times: (varies - see online catalog)

Friday/Saturday Class and Registration Dates

Lesson DatesResident 
Jun 21 - Jul 12Jun 3-13Jun 4-13
Jul 19 - Aug 9Jul 3-11Jul 5-11

Full Class and Waitlist Info

FULL CLASS If a class is FULL you can still add your swimmer to the waitlist by continuing with the registration process. You will not be charged to be on the waitlist.

I WAS PUT ON A WAITLIST... If we get an opening in a class we will call the people on the waitlist in order until we fill the spot. You do not need to show up on the first day UNLESS we call you.