Aquatics Job Opportunities

The City of Temecula is looking for dedicated, hard-working, water-oriented people (at least 16 years of age) to work as lifeguards and/or water safety instructors for the summer season. We will be seeking qualified individuals for Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor,  Senior Lifeguard, and Recreation Leader positions.

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Available Summer Positions

Lifeguard* - $18.77/hour
Supervises patrons in and around the water during open swim, lap swim and swim lessons.  (Must have an American Red Cross Lifeguarding/CPR/AED/First Aid certification). MUST ATTEND TRYOUTS*
The City of Temecula offers Lifeguarding classes.  

Water Safety Instructor
 - $18.77/hour

Plans, coordinates and teaches learn-to-swim and water safety courses.  (Must have a Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification by May 30, 2022).
The City of Temecula offers WSI classes.  

Senior Lifeguard* - $20.21/hour

Supervises patrons in and around the water during open swim, lap swim and swim lessons and plans, coordinates and teaches learn-to-swim and water safety courses. (Must have a current American Red Cross Lifeguarding/CPR/AED/First Aid 
certification AND Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification or obtain by May 30, 2022). MUST ATTEND TRYOUTS*

Recreation Leader (Splash Pad) - $21.77/hour

Ensure safety of visitors by enforcing park rules, explaining City policies, testing water chemistry and providing aid in emergencies.

*Must attend tryouts to be eligible for a position as a Lifeguard or Sr. Lifeguard. See below.

*Summer Lifeguard Positions - Tryout Information

 Must attend tryouts to be eligible for a position as a Lifeguard or Sr. Lifeguard.
For our selection process, we conduct a tryout first, then conduct interviews the following week, and then make final selections.

Tryout Criteria

The following is the tryout criteria that will be tested on the tryout date. If you are unable to successfully complete any portion, you will not be eligible for a position. You must have already completed an application online to tryout.
  1. Swim 100 yards in under 1 minute and 45 seconds
  2. Tread water for 3 minutes using legs only
  3. Rescue an active and submerged victim, remove the victim from the pool, and perform CPR on a mannequin directly after the rescue
  4. A written test covering Lifeguard Training, CPR/AED For The Professional Rescuer, First Aid, and Title 22 information
Be prepared to but your best foot forward by attending the pre-tryout events.
Tryout Clinic* Saturday, TBD Run through a practice tryout with current staff. Get help with skills and find out what you can improve to do your best.
All can attend (even if not yet certified) and can participate or observe.
Tryout Practice Day* Saturday, TBD The day before tryouts—this is your last chance to brush up on skills with current staff members and make sure you are prepared.
  • Please register for each event here on the online catalog.
  • Please bring your own resuscitation mask, bathing suit and towel (cap/goggles are permitted for the swimming portion).


The following certifications are required and must be current. Please include a photo copy of the front and back (if applicable) to the tryout.
X = Required
D = Desired

  Lifeguard Water Safety Instructor Senior Lifeguard Cashier
American Red Cross (ARC) Lifeguarding/CPR/AED/First Aid X
ARC Advanced First Aid (Title 22) D
ARC Administering Emergency Oxygen D
ARC Bloodborne Pathogens D D D  
ARC Water Safety Instructor   X X  

If you have any other applicable certifications, please bring those as well.

What to Bring to Tryouts

Make sure you have the following items with you on tryout day.
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Copies of your certifications
  • Pen and pencil
  • Your pocket mask