Pool Rules

We want everyone at our pools to have fun, enjoy their experience, and most importantly, we want to keep everyone safe. The following rules are for your safety, the safety of our staff and other patrons. Everyone must follow the rules. Thank you.
General Rules
  • No floatation devices are allowed, except Coast Guard approved lifejackets (Patrons wearing a lifejacket must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older in the water within an arm’s reach of the person wearing the lifejacket)
  • Leaders or organized groups visiting the pool will assume the responsibility of the conduct and behavior of their group while at the pool
  • T-shirts are allowed in the shallow end only. Not in the deep end, off of the diving board, or down the water slide
Child in the Pool
  • Persons afflicted with infections, disease, or suffering from a cold, cough, fever, sores, or wearing bandages, shall be excluded from the pool
  • Children ages 6 and under must be within arms reach of an adult (age 18+) at all times unless the child is in a lifejacket
  • No smoking, food, drinks, or gum in the pool area
  • No masks, snorkels, or fins
  • No running on deck or in locker rooms
  • No rough play
  • No diving in shallow area
  • No animals permitted in the pool area or restrooms
  • No glass bottles or containers in pool area
  • No alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind
  • Long hair must be tied back (at or below shoulders)
  • Swimming attire must be worn. No cut-offs, jean shorts
  • Ladders are to be used for entering and exiting the pool only
  • No one is permitted in guard chair except the lifeguard on duty
  • Persons will avoid spitting or spouting water and blowing nose in the pool or on the deck
  • There must be 1 adult per every 6 kids in a large group
Diving Board & Deep End Rules
  • 1 person on the diving board at a time
  • 1 bounce on the board
  • No running on the board
  • No swimming in the diving area
  • Wait until diving area is clear before going off
  • Jump or dive straight off the board
  • No hanging on the lane lines
  • Diving from wall, only in specified area
  • T-shirts are not allowed off of the diving board
Child on the Diving Board
Note: Front dives and front flips are permitted, but there are no dives/flips allowed where the patron’s head goes towards the diving board.

Wading Pool Rules (Currently Closed)

  • No jumping or diving into the pool.
  • No diapers allowed on any children. Infants and/or toddlers must wear a plastic pair of pants, or a swim diaper under their swimsuit to prevent contamination of pool.
  • Only toddlers with their parents are allowed to enter the area.
  • At least one lifeguard on duty at all times while the area is open to the public.
  • No children 8 years or older allowed in wading pool.
  • Maximum capacity of the wading pool is 18 children (including parents’ feet).
Child in the Wading Pool
Water Slide Rules
  • Only 1 person at a time may go down the slide.
  • No standing or kneeling on the slide.
  • All patrons remain on the water slide deck until the guard allows the next swimmer to go. (No standing in the flume.)
  • Only garments made to be in the water will be allowed down the slide - No t-shirts, gym shorts, etc
  • Patrons must be at least 48" (4 feet) to ride the slide. Unfortunately, no exceptions.
  • Swim suits with plastic or metal rivets are not permitted on the water slide.
  • Patrons must ride the slide feet first on their bottom. No exceptions.
  • No twisting or turning while going down slide.
Going Down the Water Slide