Temporary Signs in Old Town


Temporary Signs are located on the site of the business, use or activity, and are erected or placed for a prescribed period of time to promote, advertise, announce, or provide the following information:
  • Designate, identify, or indicate the name of the business, owner, or occupant of the premises where the sign is located;
  • Advertise the business conducting the services available or rendered, goods produced, sold, or available for sale upon the premises where the sign is located.

Obtaining Temporary Sign Permits

  • Completed and signed Temporary Sign Permit Applications can be submitted at the Planning Department counter at City Hall.
  • You do not need a submittal appointment and walk-in submittals are welcome.
  • Please use the Temporary Sign Permit Application for Businesses in Old Town (PDF).
  • Temporary sign permits are typically issued the day the application is received.

Temporary Sign Materials

Typically, temporary signs are made of cloth, bunting, vinyl, or other similar materials. Temporary promotional window signs are professionally painted or affixed directly on windows.

Removal of Temporary Signs

Temporary signs are removed after the time period for which they are allowed to be up elapses. Temporary signs require the approval and issuance of a Temporary Sign Permit prior to the sign being placed on the building or site.