Environmental Review & CEQA

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a state law that establishes a procedure for all California public agencies such as the City of Temecula for evaluating the environmental effects of a proposed project.


CEQA is used to reduce or eliminate any significant negative impacts or effects on the environment which could occur from an approved project.


CEQA applies to all projects that require discretionary approval, unless the project is determined to be exempt. A discretionary project is one that requires the exercise of judgment or deliberation by a public agency in determining whether the project will be approved, or if a permit will be issued. For example, if you want to construct a new building or subdivide your property, these are discretionary projects because the City must review the proposal before issuing an approval or permit.

Indirect Impacts

CEQA also applies to decisions that could lead to indirect impacts, such as making changes to local codes, policies, and general and specific plans.

CEQA Documents Available for Public Review

Santa Gertrudis Creek Pedestrian/Bicycle Trail Extension and Interconnect

PW16-05 Murrieta Creek Bridge at Overland

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