Development Plan

A Development Plan is a planning application review process that provides a mechanism by which all new construction of commercial, industrial, office or multiple-family residential development projects are reviewed for consistency with the General PlanDevelopment CodeCitywide Design Guidelines and/or any specific plan regulations.

When a Development Plan Is Required

Anytime new construction for a commercial, industrial, office or residential tract development project (excluding individual single-family homes) is being proposed, the approval of a Development Plan will be required.

Commercial, Industrial, Office & Residential Development Standards

You can review the development standards in the city's Development Code by using the following links:

Submitting a Development Plan Application

  1. Download the Development Plan Application (PDF). Complete all of the requirements in the application. If you have questions, please contact us by calling 951-694-6400 and ask for the Planner of the Day. 
  2. Once all of your submittal materials are complete you may submit online.


All application fees will be required to be paid at time of submittal.