Development Plan

A Development Plan is a planning application review process that provides a mechanism by which all new construction of commercial, industrial, office or multiple-family residential development projects are reviewed for consistency with the General Plan, Development CodeCitywide Design Guidelines and/or any specific plan regulations.

When a Development Plan Is Required

Anytime new construction for a commercial, industrial, office or residential tract development project (excluding individual single-family homes) is being proposed, the approval of a Development Plan will be required.

Commercial, Industrial, Office & Residential Development Standards

You can review the development standards in the city's Development Code by using the following links:

Submitting a Development Plan Application

  1. Download the Development Plan Application (PDF).
  2. Once all of your submittal materials are complete, please call 951-506-5159 to schedule a submittal appointment. Applications can not be submitted without an appointment.


All application fees will be required to be paid at time of submittal.