Conditional Use Permit


A conditional use permit is intended to allow for the establishment of a certain use or business that could have a unique impact or effect on the surrounding area or surrounding businesses. The conditional use permit provides the city with the means to review the location, design, configuration of uses, and potential impact and compatibility of the proposed use with that of the surrounding area.

When a Conditional Use Permit Is Required

You can see if your proposed use or business requires a Conditional Use Permit by reviewing the following Development Code Sections:

Important Notations

  • When a land use is indicated with a letter “P,” this shall mean that the use is a permitted use in the zone.
  • Where indicated with a “-,” the use is prohibited within the zone.
  • A letter “C” indicates the use shall be conditionally permitted subject to the approval of a conditional use permit.

Filing a Conditional Use Permit Application

You can download the Condition Use Permit Application (PDF). Once all of your submittal materials are complete, you can submit online.


All fees will be required to be paid at time of submittal.