Citywide Design Guidelines

The Community Design Goals and Policies provide a framework to achieve quality and compatibility in the physical design of the City. The design policies encourage a public/private dialogue whereby creative and innovative design solutions may be realized. Detailed design guidelines for both residential and non-residential uses will also need to be formulated.

These guidelines have been drafted in the hope they will be useful to those people engaged in the design, construction, review and approval of commercial, industrial and residential development in Temecula. They are intended as a reference point from which all persons involved in the development process can gain a common understanding of the minimum qualitative design expectations in Temecula.

The sections have been broken into easily-downloadable files for your convenience. You may want to rotate the document in your Acrobat Reader in order to read it. You do not have to rotate the document if you are printing it out. You may also access the full Temecula City Wide Design Guidelines (PDF) document rather than by individual chapters.