Financial Reports

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) contains information that can be utilized to evaluate the City’s financial condition and its operational and fiscal accountability for the year. The CAFR consists of a comprehensive summary of the City’s finances and other relevant information for the audit year, including economic overviews, financial analyses, financial statement note disclosures, budgetary and other compliance schedules, and other statistical data. The CAFR is prepared in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America and is audited by the City’s independent auditors.

The City participates in the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Program established by the Government Finance Officers Association. This is the highest recognition Program in the area of government accounting and financial reporting. The City has received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting annually since fiscal year 1991.

Quarterly Financial Statements

Quarterly financial statements are prepared for all City funds included in the City’s annual budget. The quarterly financial statements are reviewed and analyzed by the City as part of its fiscal monitoring review process. The quarterly financial statements are unaudited.

Download the CAFR and/or Financial Statements

The information contained herein is the complete and final documents. If a hard copy of the documents are required, you may print a copy from the PDF version provided below. The CAFR may be purchased from the City for $35, and the financial statements may be purchased at $0.25 per page.