One of the most costly home maintenance tasks that homeowners may face is the replacement of the roof of their homes. The installation of roofs is governed by the provisions of the California Building Code and the Manufacturer's written installation instructions.


  • Building permits (PDF) and the procedure for applying new roofs and reroofs are covered in the Uniform Building Code.
  • Before a reroofing permit is issued, the specifications for the roof are checked by the Building Division to ensure that the roofing materials and application comply with Building Code standards and the Manufacturer's installation requirements.

Special Requirements

Certain types of roofing have special requirements. Please contact the Community Development Department at 951-694-6476 for more information.

Process Overview

Submit Plans/Pay Fees

In order to get a permit you will need to pay the necessary permit fees. Submit plans to:
Community Development Department
41000 Main Street

Get Permits

Once your fees have been paid, the Building and Safety Department will issue the required permits for your project.

Schedule Inspections

You will need to schedule an inspection to ensure that construction was completed according to building codes and regulations.


After your final inspection, your project will be considered complete