One of the most costly home maintenance tasks that homeowners may face is the replacement of the roof of their homes. The installation of roofs is governed by the provisions of the California Building Code and the Manufacturer's written installation instructions.

Before You Start

There are specific requirements for roofs that include:

  • California Building Code compliance 
  • Manufacturer's installation and specification requirements
  • Energy Efficient requirements/testing from the Cool Roof Rating Council
  • Energy Compliance Forms available from EnergyCodeAce
  • Planning approval if colors/design are changing

A California Licensed Contractor should be familiar with these requirements.

Hiring a Contractor

Always use a California Licensed Contractor and obtain a minimum of three written estimates. The California State License Board has helpful information on how to hire a contractor, verify license information, and how to review construction contracts. Learn more.

Submitting Your Permit

  1. If the roof color or roof design is changing, please contact Planning prior to submitting
  2. Register for an online account at 
  3. Complete our Building Permit Application
  4. Provide the manufacturer's specifications for the roofing material
  5. Be sure to provide your Cool Roof Rating Council number for the product you will be utilizing. If the number is "pending", please contact us to determine if the product is compliant.
  6. Submit your permit online 
  7. Our staff will screen your application. If complete, pay the required fees. If incomplete, make the requested corrections.
  8. Once fees are paid we will review your submission and provide you with corrections or instructions on issuing your permit


After your Building Permit is issued, you may request an inspection online. Our Building and Safety Inspectors will inspect the installation to ensure compliance with all codes and standards.