Where There Are Sidewalks, Please Use Them
Sidewalks create a separate place on which pedestrians may travel safely.

If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the roadway, facing traffic. Watch for oncoming traffic and be prepared to move out of the path of any vehicle whose driver appears not to have noticed you.

Cross Streets Only at Corners
Motorists are more likely to expect you to cross at an intersection. Crosswalks exist at all intersections even if it is not painted or marked.

If a Painted or Marked Crosswalk Exists, Use It
But remember that painted or marked crosswalks cannot protect pedestrians from careless drivers. Walk quickly and continue to watch for vehicles as you cross.

Signalized Intersections
At signalized intersections, push the button for the Walk (Man) symbol and start crossing only when the symbol appears. When the Don”t Walk (Hand) symbol begins to flash, finish crossing the street. Do not step off the curb while the Don”t Walk (Hand) symbol is flashing. Instead push the button and wait until the Walk (Man) symbol re appears. You will only receive the Walk (Man) symbol when conflicting vehicle indications have properly concluded, so please be patient.