Traffic Control Plan Guidelines

The basic objective of each traffic control plan (TCP) is to permit the contractor to work within the public right of way efficiently and effectively while maintaining a safe, uniform flow of traffic. The construction work and the public traveling through the work zone in vehicles, bicycles or as pedestrians must be given equal consideration when developing a traffic control plan.
Traffic Signs
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
A Traffic Control Plan shall be required for all work performed within the public right of way. Each traffic control plan shall be developed consistent with both the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the MUTCD California Supplement. Data to be included on a traffic control plan will vary depending upon the complexity of the project, the volume of traffic affected and the roadway geometrics where the construction is being performed. The TCP must clearly depict the exact sequence of the construction operation(s), the construction to be performed, and the traveled way that will be utilized by all movements of traffic during each phase of construction.

Multiple Phases
Multiple phases of construction will require a separate traffic control plan for each different construction phase or operation These guidelines were written to ensure that all of the basic elements of the traffic control plan are included, are clear to the reviewers and implementers in the field and that the documents can be more readily stored and retrieved. This will help expedite the plan review process. Following the submittal of traffic control plans, all submittals deemed complete shall be reviewed within 3 weeks.

Traffic Control Plans
A traffic control plan that does not include each of the appropriate elements listed below will be deemed incomplete and returned for revision and resubmittal. Traffic control plans shall be submitted in a timely manner to allow for the specified review period. It is important to note that each TCP must be developed specific to the actual construction work zone location. Approved traffic control plan will be reviewed at the preconstruction conference.