Public Works Maintenance Division

  • The Maintenance Division within the Public Works Dept. is responsible for maintenance activities ranging from street repair to graffiti removal on public property.


  • Cleaning drainage facilities
  • Fulfilling Service Order requests
  • Overseeing the annual Slurry Seal, Asphalt/Concrete Repair, and Miscellaneous Concrete Repair programs
  • Overseeing weed abatement
  • Patching potholes and miscellaneous asphalt/concrete repairs
  • Removing and pruning trees located in the public right of way
  • Removing graffiti on public property
  • Replacing traffic control devices
  • Responding to after-hour call-outs and storm related problems
  • Stenciling and striping of pavements
  • Supporting special events

Past Achievements

In 2020 the Public Works Maintenance Team:
  • Performed 24,421 square feet of asphalt repairs
  • Removed 44,776 square feet of graffiti 
  • Completed 802 Service Order Requests