Room Additions

When adding on a Room Addition to a single-family home it is necessary to become aware of the related guidelines and requirements and obtaining the required building permits. Depending on the situation, an Additional Room needs approval and may be required from the City’s Planning Division before the Building and Development Services Division can issue a building permit for the project.

Process Guide
  1. Determine Zoning
  2. Submit Building Plans
  3. Pay Fees

Determine Zoning

  1. Before developing a parcel of land, you will need to determine if your property is zoned for your desired use or if there are any special development considerations for your project.
  2. The Planning Division will be able to tell you the zoning of the property or if there are any special considerations for your project. If your project requires special handling, our staff will inform you of the requirements and next steps. Some projects will require a Planning Application through the Planning Department.