I-15 / French Valley Parkway Improvements

Map of French Valley Parkway Interchange


Reduce congestion and improve safety by relieving the I-15/Winchester Road interchange and minimizing weaving movements on I-15 between Winchester Road and the I-15/I-215 Junction.


  • A new arterial, French Valley Parkway, connecting Jefferson Avenue and Ynez Road
  • A new interchange connecting French Valley Parkway to I-15
  • A new collector/distributor system along I-15 between Winchester Road and the I-15/I-215 Junction
  • Modifications to the I-15/Winchester Road interchange such as ramp widening for additional lanes

Phasing (3 Phase Implementation)

Phase I

Shown in red on aerial map. Construction Complete: Designed to provide interim relief by widening the existing southbound off-ramp at Winchester Road, constructing the southbound off-ramp at the future French Valley Parkway, and constructing the westbound portion of French Valley Parkway between the new off-ramp and Jefferson Avenue.

Phase II

Shown in blue on aerial map. Designed to provide interim relief by constructing the northbound collector/distributor system along I-15.
  • Phase II Status: Design and Environmental phase complete.  Target construction start in December 2022.  Construction duration is approximately 2 years.
  • Phase II Contact: Avlin R. Odviar, City of Temecula Project Manager 951-693-3969 or Avlin.Odviar@TemeculaCA.gov

Phase III

Shown in green on aerial map. Future Work: Designed to provide ultimate relief by constructing the balance of French Valley Parkway from Jefferson Avenue to Ynez Road, the full interchange connection to I-15, and the southbound collector/distributor system along I-15.