Engineering & Construction Manual

Grading, Erosion & Sediment Control Ordinance

In May of 2004, the City Council adopted the “Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control” Ordinance (Ordinance Numbers 04-04). This ordinance created Title 18 entitled “Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control” of the Temecula Municipal Code and also authorized the City Engineer to prepare a Grading Manual, which identified the administrative procedures and technical requirements necessary to implement the ordinance. As such, a Grading Manual was prepared by the City Engineer. On August 26, 2008, both the ordinance and the Manual required modifications to maintain their accuracy and consistency with the California Building Code (CBC) and current City policies and procedures. Thus, City Council adopted Ordinance Number 08-09, which amended Ordinance Number 04-04; and the City Engineer updated the Grading Manual, accordingly.

Ordinance Update

Recently, it became necessary to update the ordinance, title and manual once again to continue with accurate dissemination of information. The updates included the adoption of the 2010 CBC, the addition of the current encroachment permitting process within public rights of way, general updates with clarifications and overall re-organization (more user-friendly) to better serve the public. On January 22, 2013, City Council adopted Ordinance Number 13-01, which amended Ordinance Number 08-09; and the City Engineer updated the Manual, accordingly.

Engineering & Construction Manual

Thus, to date, the Engineering and Construction Manual replaces the previously approved Grading Manual. In general, the new Manual sets forth the administrative and technical procedures necessary to implement the provisions of Title 18 entitled “Construction, Grading and Encroachment” of the Temecula Municipal Code. By informing the public of these procedures, the City shall ensure public compliance with City and engineering standards. The Manual will assist users of the Code by supplementing it with detailed information (rules, interpretations, specifications, forms, etc.) to control construction, grading (excavation, land clearing, erosion and sediment control, etc.) and encroachment within private development and public rights of way in the City of Temecula.

For the most part, the chapters in the Manual are organized to include the contents of the chapters and sections in the Code. Should any portion of this Manual be found in conflict with the provision of the Code or the CBC, the more restrictive provision shall govern, unless otherwise approved by the City Engineer. For your convenience, the Engineering and Construction Manual is available in PDF format.