Building & Safety

Purpose & Responsibilities

The Building and Safety Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of all applicable regulatory clearances, codes and standards, fees, plan reviewinspections (requested online) and application of City, State, and Federal laws and ordinances.


As of January 1, 2022, Building and Safety permits require digital submissions for the following permit types:

  • New commercial/industrial buildings
  • Additions to commercial/industrial buildings
  • Commercial/industrial tenant improvements
  • New tract homes
  • New custom homes
  • Photovoltaic systems (residential and commercial)

Digital submission can be made online (see below) or in person. We look forward to serving you with our improved digital process.

All Building Permits services are available online.  

Online Services

  1. Register for a Citizen Self Service (CSS) account a week prior to when you plan on submitting. 
  2. Review our minimum submittal requirements on our Apps, Forms, & Handouts page.
  3. Review our Digital Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  4. Download and complete a Building Permit Application (PDF).
  5. Visit our Citizen Self Service (CSS) page (or click on the large red button below) to submit your Building Permit application and any applicable plans/documentation

If you have general questions or need assistance with online submittals please email us at

Save Time and Request Online

Once you have received an issued Building Permit, you may now request a Building and Safety inspection online.