Temecula Valley Mounted Posse

Sponsored by the Temecula Police Department, for over 50 years Rancho California and the surrounding areas have had a mounted posse team assisting law enforcement. The posse’s activities include:
  • Assisting the Search and Rescue Team
  • High visibility patrol
  • Mounted training
  • Working special events
Valley Mounted Posse
The Temecula Police Mounted Posse remains ready to meet the ever changing needs of a growing community. Posse members serve the community in various ways such as directing traffic at special events, crime prevention programs and light security details.

Both horse and rider train throughout the year in crowd control, defensive tactics, search and rescue, tracking and more. Members must commit to 16 hours of volunteerism each month, attending monthly team meetings and be willing to use their own horse and equipment.

Volunteers have always played a key role in helping law enforcement. By being involved in the community, the Temecula Police Mounted Posse helps determine the character of life at their own doorstep. Members not only assist their community and their police department, but also help to preserve some of the "Old West" traditions for which Temecula is known.