Special Enforcement Team (SET)

The Temecula Special Enforcement Team (SET) is a specialized team that pro-actively investigates narcotic activity, gang related crimes and monitors career criminals living or visiting the City of Temecula. The Special Enforcement Team develops pro-active enforcement programs, which involves street level narcotics offenders, transient, or residential gang members, transient or residential probation/parole offenders. SET Officers also deploy on police bicycles in certain areas of the city for enhanced Zone projects and enforcement.

Special Enforcement Team Officers receive training in identifying those under the influence of drugs, cultivation of marijuana, identification of methamphetamine labs, service of search warrants, etc. The specialized training in different areas allows these officers to respond and mentor fellow Temecula officers with specific projects for their assigned community patrol area (Zone).

Criminal Behavior
In addition to being highly trained, these officers are highly skilled at working undercover and flushing out criminal behavior related to the use of illegal drug possession and sales. Every year, this team takes hundreds of pounds of marijuana off the street as well as large amounts of methamphetamine, heroin, Ecstasy, cocaine and other illicit drugs.

Crime Identification
The members of this team also have specialized training in the identification of gang members, gang graffiti, gang tattoos, and criminal behavior used in furtherance of gang activity.

Special Enforcement Team Officers work very closely with State of California Parole and Riverside County Probation officers. The team very actively performs compliance checks on active parole and probation offenders living in around the City of Temecula.

In addition to working with other Riverside County Sheriff’s Teams, the Special Enforcement Team also meets regularly with the Murrieta Police Special Enforcement Team in order to ensure the continued high quality of life here in the Temecula Valley.