Promenade Mall Team

Mall Team
In 1999, the Promenade Mall opened for business. The mall is a major business enterprise within the city of Temecula. The Promenade Mall occupies approximately 120 acres and more than 1.25 million square feet of retail space.

The Temecula Police Department is dedicated to the safety of mall patrons and has therefore dedicated a sergeant and 4 full-time officers to patrol the mall premises to deter criminal behavior or apprehend those who commit a crime. The officers are responsible for all law enforcement calls for service within the boundaries of the mall property. The mall officers also handle all comprehensive criminal investigations that occur on mall property. The officers conduct presentations to merchants and managers pertaining to ways to reduce property loss due to theft, fraud and robbery.

Police Storefront
The Police Department has a storefront located within the mall. It is staffed by 2 full-time community service officers and clerical staff. The storefront is a service center where people can file a police report, pick up a copy of a police report, report crimes in progress at the mall, and obtain a release for stored vehicles. The Promenade Police Storefront also provides "Livescan" fingerprint services to the public.

The Promenade Mall officers maintain a professional balance between traditional policing and problem oriented policing. Officers initiate regularly scheduled major incident planning training for the mall merchants and security staff. Some of the topics if this training include fire drills, mock evaluations and crime scene security measures.

Security Collaboration
The mall officers work collaboratively with the security officers hired by the mall to maintain safety and security for all visitors. Although the mall and security officers stay busy, the Promenade Mall consistently rates as one of the nation's highest in safety and retail sales categories.