Types of Responses 

Temecula Citizen Corps provides support to City Emergency Services or as a mutual aid function in other areas in Southwest Riverside County. Types of responses that TCC has been and could be involved with: 

  • Shelters
    • Assisting with setting up and operating Emergency Evacuation Shelters
  • Weather Events 
    • Staff the Temecula’s Emergency Operation Center's Communication Center during storm watch events
    • Provide field personnel that can check on critical locations subject to flooding during significant storms
  • Rehab Support 
    • Fire and police rehab (cooling) support for hazardous material spills, major traffic accidents, and local structural fires
  • Earthquakes
    • Conduct field assessments, search and rescue activities, establish first aid stations and shelter operations
    • Establish a network of amateur radio operators that can provide emergency communications when landline and cell phones are overloaded or out-of-service
    • Provide radio communications from Temecula Valley Hospital with the Temecula’s Emergency Operations Center and County Health Communications Center
    • Provide radio communications from shelters to Temecula’s Emergency Operations Center
  • Missing Persons Search and Rescue 
    • Provide Volunteers to conduct ground and area searches
    • Provide radio personnel with equipment for field communications with the incident command post
  • Any Type of Significant Event or Major Disaster 
    • Provide trained personnel to supplement city and county Emergency Services 


  • CERT trucks and trailers equipped with basic search and rescue equipment, triage gear, and emergency medical supplies and TCC member support 
  • Rehab Trailer with equipment to establish a portable cooling station

Response Notifications - "I am Responding"

  • Temecula City Corps uses I am Responding, a professional emergency response system used by full-time and voluntary emergency responders throughout the country. 
  • I am Responding provides immediate activation notifications to all members, specific individuals, or groups of members via a smart phone app, tablet app, text messaging, and email simultaneously. 

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  • I am Responding provides immediate member response status to dispatch and leadership personnel via the app (e.g., who is responding, who is later). This avoids having to use phone trees, and quickly provides management a list of available and responding members. 
  • I am Responding also provides messaging capabilities similar to texting to individuals, predetermined groups of TCC members, or all TCC members.
  • I am Responding's Records Management functions provide in-the-app and online immediate access for leadership and management to have online access to members emergency contact information and other information. It also provides leadership and management online access to all member’s training records, certification expiration dates, etc.