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Join Temecula Citizen Corps


  • Learn how to better prepare for emergencies
  • Opportunity to provide service to your community
  • Respond to various emergencies
  • Educate yourself, your neighbors, and your community
  • Great camaraderie  with like-minded people
  • Attend free city-sponsored First Aid, CPR/AED, and Stop-the bleed training after completing the first three steps listed below

Steps in Joining Temecula Citizen Corps

CERT is an integral part of Citizen Corps, the grass-roots movement that actively involves everyone in making our communities and our nation safer, stronger and better prepared. All over America, communities have organized Citizen Corps Councils to inspire people to take action and get involved.

  1. Anyone, 18 years of age and older, wishing to join TCC may do so by completing the application package and submitting it to the TCC Administrative Supervisor (either digitally via email or turning in a hardcopy). Submit any prior certificates of completion for any of the below requirements. This applies to all requirements except the Livescan which must be done for the City of Temecula.
  2. Attend any TCC meeting or activity.
  3. Complete a recognized Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) course. If previously completed, please submit the certificate of completion with your application package.
  4. Complete or be current with a certification from the American Heart Association (AHA) in First Aid and CPR/AED. These courses can be taken without charge when you receive your welcome letter (email) from the city’s Emergency Manager after you have completed steps 1 through 3.
  5. Complete the required online FEMA Courses; (1) IS-100 Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS), (2) IS-700 introduction to the National Incident Management System (NIMS); and the SEMS G606 Standardized Emergency Management System Introduction. There is no fee for these courses. You can register and take the ICS online courses and the SEMS online course anytime.
  6. Submit your fingerprints via livescan for a background check. When you have completed steps 1 through 5 you will be sent a pdf form that must be submitted to the Riverside Sheriff’s Office when you have your fingerprints scanned. Even if you have been previously background checked via livescan, you must do it again for the City of Temecula.
    • After completing the above steps and requirements, you will be sworn in as a Temecula Citizen Corps Disaster Service Worker (DSW) at the next business meeting you attend.
    • You will then be provided a TCC-DSW Safety Vest and uniform patch, as well as a purchase order for you to be issued your uniform. An identification card will also be issued.

Temecula Citizen Corps also has a component known as Temecula ACS/RACES and those members are required to have additional credentials.

  • Be a licensed amateur radio operator
  • Complete the ARRL EC-001 Emergency Communications course

Levels of Membership

  • Public (non-member) attendance at business and training activities is always welcome
  • Level 1 (entry level membership by completing Steps 1-3), is not eligible to respond in emergencies as a team member
  • Level 2 (CERT trained member, Step 4) is eligible for free city-sponsored First Aid, CPR/AED, and Stop-the bleed training) not eligible to respond in emergencies as a team member
  • Disaster Service Worker (complete Steps 1-6), eligible to respond during major emergencies
  • Disaster Service Worker/Temecula ACS/RACES team member (complete Steps 1-8), eligible to participate as a ham radio operator in various capacities as determined by the Task Book (available on the Documents and Handouts webpage) and Task Book Endorsements for specific tasks. The Task Books and endorsements for specific tasks (e.g., drivers, specific ham operator positions) will require additional requirements.


  • Complete a CERT Training course and other specific training.
  • Attend TCC meetings and support TCC activities whenever possible (a member must accumulate a minimum participation of 24 hours per year).
  • Have a great team spirit and desire to learn and serve.