Weed Abatement

The City of Temecula's comprehensive weed abatement program is designed to prevent, minimize, and reduce risks associated with fire that is started on or fueled by hazardous vegetation throughout the city.  This program has multiple benefits, including reducing harm to property, people, wildlife, and reducing the cost of insurance for residents throughout the City. Property owners throughout the City have a responsibility and legal obligation to maintain their properties throughout the year. During fire season, there is a heightened awareness to this responsibility as responsible vegetation management is one of the most effective fire prevention measures. Learn more about the process and view frequently asked questions, below. 

Pay Online

Use our online invoice request form to request online payment. Once requested and processed during normal business hours, we will send you an invoice number where you can pay online at TemeculaCA.gov/pay.

The Process

  1. During late winter/early spring, City staff will conduct proactive enforcement and identify properties where hazardous vegetation exists. By maintaining your property throughout the year, your property is less likely to be identified as a source of hazardous vegetation. 
  2. In early spring, City staff will contact property owners via certified mail, and notify them of hazardous vegetation violations. Deadlines for voluntary hazardous vegetation removal will be listed on this notification. Voluntary compliance is the fastest and most cost effective way to maintain compliance of your property.
  3. After the opportunity for voluntary abatement has closed, the City will conduct follow-up inspections and start the process of mandatory abatement.
  4. After non-compliant properties are identified, forced abatement will begin with contractors hired by the City (with all costs placed on the property owner). 
  5. Payment letters will be sent to property owners. 
  6. Unpaid payments will be brought before the City Council and placed on your property as a special assessment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a weed abatement contractor? 

Using a reputable internet search engine is one way to find a weed abatement contractor. You may also reference a public contractor list maintained by the County of Riverside at the following link.

Please note that this list is not an endorsement by the County of Riverside or City of Temecula in any manner and is only presented as a public convenience. 

I cleared my property earlier in the year, but it rained and grew back. Do I have to clean the property again?

Yes, you must clean the property again. It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain abatement throughout the year and especially during Fire Season (Typically from April through November). 

How much will it cost to have the City clear my property?

The price for City abatements is set by a contract agreement and will include additional administrative fees. By hiring your own contractor, you can reduce your costs substantially.

Can I burn cut vegetation?

No. Open burning for fire clearance is not allowed by the Air Quality Management District and the Fire Department. 

What do I do if I am not the owner of the property listed on the Notice?

If you received an Abatement Notice and you no longer own the property listed, please contact the Code Enforcement Division at 951-302-4144.  Property owner information is provided to the City by the Riverside County Assessor’s Office and notices are sent to the Owner of Record listed on the last county assessment roll.  

How do I change the mailing address if I am the property owner?

To change property owner information, contact the Riverside County Assessor’s Office at 951-955-6200.

What if my property is in Escrow?

As the current owner of record, you are still legally responsible to comply with all local ordinances. Contact Code Enforcement with your updated information.

Who is responsible for weeds in easements?

Property owners must maintain the easements within their parcel boundaries.  

What will happen if I choose not to clear the violation from my property?

Your property could be subject to fines, forced abatement, and liens placed on the Riverside County tax roll. It is more cost-effective for you to hire your own contractor to complete weed abatement.