Be Informed

There are three things you and your family can do to prepare for any disaster: get an Emergency Kit, make an emergency Communications Plan, and be informed so you know what to do next. On this page we are talking about the 3rd step, how to be informed, so you know what steps to take before, during, and after a disaster to help keep yourself and your family safe. 

Here are a number of resources you can use to be informed:

911: If you have a life-threatening emergency requiring a police officer or you need an ambulance or fire truck for any reason, call 911.

951-506-5111: If you have a non-emergency situation (prior event, no current threat to life or property) requiring a police response, call 951-506-5111.

211: For information on local community services, such as food, shelter and counseling call 211. It is confidential and available 24 hours a day in more than 150 languages.

811: If you are doing any kind of renovation on your home that requires digging, please dial 811 and the appropriate utility company will come out to mark all utility lines.

AlertRivCO is a free, confidential way for Temecula and Riverside County residents to get emergency warnings sent directly to their cell phone, mobile device, email or landline. Sign up here.

RivCo Ready is a website that provides you with information to help you create a plan, put together a kit, and know what to do and where to go in an emergency.

​​American Red Cross Emergency App for Smartphones This free app will show you which buildings are being used as shelters in Temecula and the surrounding communities during a disaster along with lots of other useful emergency info.

Weather Conditions
​Access local, up-to-date weather conditions at these sites: ​

National Weather Service
Weather Underground
The Weather Channel ​

TV, Radio Stations ​
​The following radio and TV stations broadcast emergency information: ​

​KABC ABC 7 Los Angeles
​KESQ ABC 3 Palm Springs
​KFMB CBS 8 San Diego
​KCBS CBS 2 Los Angeles
​KTTV Fox 11 Los Angeles
​KPBS San Diego

​KATY 101.3 FM
​KTMQ 103.3 FM 
​KMYT 94.5 FM
​AM 1610

My Hazards
​Type your home address into the MyHazards page on the CalOES website to discover the hazards that exist in your area and learn how to reduce your risk. ​ ​

FEMA Flood Maps ​
​Enter your home or business address into this FEMA website to find updated flood hazard information. ​ ​

City News
Sign up for email subscriptions to news alerts from each of the City departments. ​ ​

Local Plans ​
​City, County, Regional and State emergency plans include:

City of Temecula Emergency Operations Plan
​Riverside County Emergency Operations Plan
State of California Emergency Plan
City of Temecula Local Hazard Mitigation Plan