Be Supplied

Your readiness to respond to an emergency will depend on the skills you have learned through training and the supplies you have stored. Learn how to build emergency supply kits for your shelter, vehicle and work space. Check with your child’s school or care provider to learn what they have planned. And consider the unique needs of children, elderly parents, grandparents and any disabled or special needs family members. Don’t forget, pets are family too!

As a public agency we cannot endorse a specific vendor or product, but here’s a list of some of the local vendors that can provide many of the emergency items you’ll need.

​     • Costco
​​     • Home Depot
​​     • Lowe’s ​
​     • Target
​​     • WalMart ​​​​

​Preparing does not have to break the budget. You can pick up extra items each time you do your weekly or monthly shopping and set them aside in a designated area or container. Make sure the entire family knows that they are for emergencies only and knows where they are located. ​

​Download and print this preparedness shopping calendar to help you build a 3-7 day disaster supply kit for your home before the next emergency happens. It encourages you to assemble an emergency kit in small steps over a six month period. ​​ ​

​If you prefer a readymade kit, you can purchase them from the City of Temecula and any of the following vendors: ​​

     ​• American Red Cross
​     • ProPac USA
​     • Ready America
​     • Quake Hold International ​​

​You can also do an online search for “emergency supply kits” for a broader list of vendors or YouTube videos on how to build one for yourself. ​​ For more on what to and what not to include in emergency kits, take a look at these short videos: