Since its early beginning, the Temecula Valley has always been a place where the combination of mild climate and beautiful rolling hills have attracted human settlement.

First Residents

The hillsides were the home of the Temecula Indians, the first residents of the area. Ancestors of the Temecula Indians were in this area as early as 900 A.D. The native people from here to the coast who shared the same language and culture became commonly known as the Luiseños, because many of their villages were once under the influence of Mission San Luis Rey.

Luiseño history begins with the creation of all things at 'Éxva Teméeku and the surrounding places. The name 'Éxva (EXH-vah) can be translated as a “place of sand” and Teméeku (Teh-MEH-koo) meaning “sun place.” 'Éxva Teméeku is where their Origin Story and ancestral songs say Túukumit (TOO-koo- mit, Father Night Sky) and Tamáayawut (Ta-MAI-yah-whoot, Mother Day Earth) created the world. The Sun, Temét (teh-MET), was a gift brought by Túukumit to Tamáayawut. When Túukumit and Tamáayawut became one, their first offspring were earth and sand, which in Luiseño are 'éxla (EXH-la) and 'éxval (EXH-vol).