Teen Zone


Although the Teen Zone is closed, we want to provide you with some unique resources geared toward teens. From all of the CRC staff – we miss our members! We can’t wait to see you all soon.


Try learning something new, like playing the guitar, the piano, or learn a different language. Here are some resources that can help you learn a new skill.  

LearnSomethingNewJoy Tunes are articles that offers other resources on ways to learn a new instrument. 

Piano Video Lessons Offers many video piano lessons. 

Justin Guitar This site has free guitar lessons. 

Fender Play Provides 3 months of free guitar lessons.

Duolingo If you want to learn a different language, this app can be downloaded to your device and it offer 15+ languages that you can choose from. 

Learn a Language This website has many languages to choose from.


TastyTueWe know that Tasty Tuesday is our members’ favorite activity – so we wanted to bring it to you virtually! Ok so we know this totally isn’t the same, but give it a try – you might be pleasantly surprised! Every Tuesday create a tasty treat for your family. Here are some fun, simple recipes you can do for your family. Remember that you can make any of these yummy desserts any day of the week...  because, why not?!


WorkOutTeensAfter you create your Tasty Tuesday masterpiece, it’s time to burn it off! Get your tablet or laptop and follow one of these fun workouts geared toward teenagers.

Home Workout Video led by Teenagers
15 Minute Teen Full Body Workout Routine
Yoga For Teens
Full Zumba Class



OtherIdeasCheck out virtual tours. Most of the major museums/galleries are offering free virtual tours!

Check on grandparents or elderly neighbors. Call them or video call them just so see how they are doing…… or even write a letter! They will love good old fashioned snail mail.

Story time. With permission of parents, video call a younger cousin or family member and have story time. You can tell them funny, real life stories – or even read a book to them.

House Party: a free app that lets you play video/games with up to 10 friends.

30 day challenge. Look for a fun challenge that you can do with your family or you can also do this virtually with other family members and friends.  

Picture challenge: Make a list of 30 different things/activities, and each day you and your family can take picture of that item/activity and share with family members. 

Text Challenge. Each day send a text to someone different in your contact list.

Wish List. Each day write something/an activity that you want to do once life gets back to normal.

Unplug. For 30 days challenge yourself and your family to unplug from any electronics for one hour. And no, the hours that you are asleep don’t count! You can do it – we believe in you!