FRESH Incentive

Food * Retail * Entertainment * to Support High-Quality of Life

The City of Temecula offers a variety of incentive programs designed to broaden and diversify the tax base, encourage capital investment, create employment opportunities and provide for the economic growth and welfare of the region. The City understands that each business deal is different and unique in its own way. In order to maintain flexibility in achieving a win-win partnership, the City is open to one-on-one, good faith discussions with targeted sectors.  These programs may be carried out singly or in combination in a manner consistent with the goals listed in the Economic Development Strategy, and may include the following general types of measures:

Public-private partnerships: 
Agreements with private entities which may include the sharing of public resources by the public agency, the reduction of regulatory burdens, asset monetization, fee producing infrastructure, concession agreements or other measures, the risks to the private person or entity can be reduced to a level whereby the development entity and investors can earn a commercially reasonable return on investment and will accordingly proceed with the project. 

Regulatory Relief: 
The modification of zoning and other land use restrictions affecting the feasibility of development.

Permit Fee Reimbursement: 
Provide direct or indirect financial assistance with entitlement, development fees incurred by other agencies and/or permits. Permits fees are reimbursed after 12 months since the final occupancy permit was issued.