Strategies for Growth, Expansion & Retention

1.    Use Temecula’s development process as an “incentive”

•    Work with departments City-wide to create Team Temecula, to review the City’s permit process (formally called Process Improvement Team Program). 

•    Create Team Temecula process brochure for the public.

•    Establish formal New Business Ombudsman Program.

•    Conduct ongoing outreach to identify needs of local large employers.

•    Facilitate the growth of higher education in Temecula Valley through continual engagement of higher education institutions. 

•    Attract and facilitate a catalyst project in Uptown Temecula through marketing and public outreach efforts. 

2.    Encourage Formation of local startups and entrepreneurs

•    Create marketing campaign to promote the City’s startup businesses.

•    Support the establishment of a Small Business Mentoring Program.

•    Promote Business to Business collaboration and sourcing. 

•    Coordinate/promote existing Business Support Resources.

•    Build relationships with new businesses using various social media platforms.