Business Attraction & Formation

Targeted Growth Industries 

Temecula continues to serve as a hub for advanced manufacturing. From medical device manufacturing to injection molding, the City‘s proximity to San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles make it an ideal location for local, regional, national and international business transactions. Suitable commercial space, in addition to resources, creates an environment for thriving manufacturing commerce. Paulson Manufacturing, which is family owned and operated in Temecula, is one of several large manufacturing businesses in the City. 

As one of the OED’s new targeted industries for business attraction and formation, agri-tourism stands as an emerging powerhouse. Temecula’s moderate year-round climate, nearby scenic wine country and local eateries make the City an ideal destination for local customers, as well as those visiting from out of town. In 2017, travel and tourism in the Temecula Valley infused nearly $724 million into the local economy and supported more than 7,330 jobs. Agri-tourism is not only a tourist draw, but is also an appeal to residents as “eating fresh and local” has become popular. Local restaurants purchasing food locally is not only an economic benefit to the region but also a health benefit. 

Biomedical/ Biotechnical 
The City is host to a hub of biomedical and biotechnical advanced manufacturing companies. One of our largest companies Millipore Sigma, recently expanded their operations. Due to our physical location of being adjacent to San Diego County, it is a natural progression for companies (especially younger companies) to expand to Temecula. 

As experienced throughout Southern California, Temecula has seen an increase in the technology sector. Businesses such as Mythos Technology, Ed2go and Dynamic Vision have expanded or relocated to Temecula in the past few years. 

Promenade Temecula, the region’s indoor/outdoor mall, boasts more than 1.2 million square feet of retail and restaurant space. Additionally, the City has over 79 neighborhood retail centers. Major tenants include: Costco, Trader Joes, Home Goods, Nordstrom Rack, Hobby Lobby, Pottery Barn, Macys, and The Cheesecake Factory. Temecula is not only a tourist destination, but a shopping destination for the region. Our retail sales rank in the Top 6% in CA. Retail is also a key source of our sales tax generation. 

Health/ Medical 
Opened in 2013, Temecula Valley Hospital offers a 140 bed, five-story facility. The hospital was built on a 37-acre parcel, which provides room for expansion as the City grows. Over the past five years the City has seen over 140,000 square feet of medial office space constructed around the hospital. 

Professional Services
Temecula’s professional services businesses include accountants and real estate agents. As large companies move and expand in Temecula, more of these professional services will be needed to support the business eco-system. 

Nonfarm Employment