A healthy retail sector is critical to Temecula’s ability to provide quality goods and services to the community. As such, retail attraction plays a pivotal role in the City’s success. Recruiting targeted retailers to maintain demand space and then encouraging residents to shop local and support their neighborhood commercial districts is at the core of the retail recruitment strategy. 

Old Town: focus on local entrepreneurs “foodie” restaurants, emerging night life, entertainment/event hub

Shopping District:  comprises of 44% of City-wide Sales Tax, Promenade Mall over 1.5M sq. ft. , hub for major brands, heart of Temecula retail 

Temecula Pkwy: 1.6M sq. ft. of retail, over 300 tenants, 5 grocery stores, growing day time population, EMERGING retail powerhouse


  • Maintain up to date psychographics and retail analytics through Buxton or similar retail consultant every two years for key data on retail strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Regularly attend ICSC ReCON (Las Vegas and Los Angles) to maintain relationships with national retailers and out of area brokers. 
  • Actively engage with the City’s Sales Tax Consultant, HDL, on Temecula’s current sales tax trends. Obtaining detailed sales tax statistics is imperative to retail attraction marketing. 
  • Apply for yearly grants via American Express, Shop Small Business Saturday for free marketing collateral. Also, create yearly marketing strategies for Small Business Saturday and Shop Small/Shop Temecula First while partnering with the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Maintain relationships with Promenade Mall and major shopping centers to keep pulse on retail happenings.
  • Maintain active engagement with Commercial Brokers to establish strong relationships. 
  • Work with Commercial Brokers to fill vacant core restaurant spaces
gross retail sales