Marketing & Communications Outreach


1. Standardize & Build the City Brand

• Establish a "how-to" document to effectively plan and execute flyers, PowerPoint presentations and brochures City-wide to assist employees in accomplishing their duties while maintaining the City's brand

• Implement training for internal staff to ensure cohesion of City's brand Standard Manual when completed

• Develop robust stock of photography and video resources on Flickr (with specific interest in local businesses) to be used in marketing pieces by all City employees

• Continue to provide City employees with PowerPoint templates, headers/footers and brochure templates

• Designate OED (Office of Economic Development) as the official media, brand and logo use lead within the City of Temecula

2. Strengthen External Communication with Stakeholders

• Utilize the cable television channel more effectively to reach and engage Temecula citizens on the various resources the City and region offers. Prioritize the tracking of content and identifying partner opportunities to display current and meaningful content to enhance awareness of offerings/information ( i.e. Visit Temecula Valley, Chamber of Commerce, School District etc.)

•    Launch a lead generation tool (i.e. Salesforce, Pardot) that allows the sending of targeted marketing campaigns for business attraction as well as general marketing for events, resources and other communication needs. 

•    The City Manager’s Office under the umbrella of Economic Development would assume primary Public Information Officer duties, both for emergency and non-emergency situations. This will establish continuity in outgoing communications.  

•    Public Information Officer duties include management of the City’s social media platforms and all social media content used by various departments and districts under the City of Temecula.