Business Attraction, Retention & Expansion

Over the past year, the Office of Economic Development has made significant strides to retain local businesses, by providing support and resources, as well as encouraging expansion. Recent job statistics from the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD) reported a 10% rise in employment rates since 2014 in the City of Temecula- equating to more than 5,300 jobs created since first quarter 2014. Reports also state that jobs in the City of Temecula are at an all-time high with statistics reporting over 62,000 total jobs within City limits.  The City experiences steady employment growth as economic development continues to be a mainstay in its effort to create jobs locally, enhance local economy and improve the quality of life of its residents.


  1. Start-Up Ombudsman Program On-going Implementation 
    • Start-Up Ombudsman Program supports the growth of local technology businesses. 
    • Program is also available to start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. 
  2. Offering Business Educational Resources 
    • Continue Business Retention Program with educational opportunities.
    • On-going research to gather feedback on business satisfaction of educational tools.
  3. Strengthen Interdepartmental Communication to Maximize Efficiency 
    • On-going support to improve processes.
    • Provide increased efficiency for expediting priority projects.
  4. Encourage Growth to International Markets
    • Promote Temecula’s standing as being included in San Diego’s Foreign Trade Zone.
    • Market the tax benefits of conducting international business in Temecula to existing customers.