Temecula Safe (2018)

Each year, the City places its highest priority on public safety so this year we are shining a spotlight on the high quality of life that our citizens, businesses and visitors enjoy as a result of being a SAFE City.  Temecula’s strategy for success safeguards its private and public capital investments, and protects its most precious resource: our people. 

temeculaSAFE2018This includes maintaining and enhancing SAFE roadways, infrastructure, neighborhoods, schools, parks and amenities. The synergy of being a SAFE City not only fosters a prosperous socio-economic environment where residents and businesses feel certain they are investing in a City that cares, it likewise protects and maintains Temecula’s picturesque, well-manicured and beautiful physical environment. Its beauty and safeness fuels our local economy, and continues to attract upscale development, redevelopment projects, and new business establishments.  Accordingly, Temecula has become synonymous with a magnificent lifestyle, flourishing community, and world-class tourist destination.
Our future is vibrant, exciting, and, importantly, SAFE.

We are proudly Temecula SAFE!

Please join me for the 2018 Temecula State of the City.


– Matt Rahn, Mayor, City of Temecula