Around & About Temecula


The City of Temecula Community Services Department created the multi-award-winning online series: Around & About Temecula in December of 2017.  Around & About Temecula continues to be recognized as an excellent community resource featuring Temecula's people, parks, programs, profiling local assets, and highlighting Temecula's natural beauty.  Follow your host, Jeff Lawrence, as he explores the endless fun the City of Temecula offers residents and visitors alike.

Around & About Temecula Team

Team Photo Rotary Park

Around & About Temecula showcases the look, feel, and experience of living in the City of Temecula.  Tune in to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Temecula's Community Services Department in action.  Unfortunately, we are unable to film outside organization's events.  We hope to see you Around & About Temecula!

Don't forget to check out our new spin off series Around & About Temecula - Park Adventures!


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