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We are back for another fun summer! Please click on the links and tabs below to learn more about our program and how to register!

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CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! - Prior to May 17, please review the following information below. Space for camp is very limited, so please understand the process listed below and do not hesitate to contact us early on if you have any questions.

  • Registration will only be taken online, using the link above. It is easiest done on a computer/laptop (as opposed to on a cell phone/tablet).

  • Registration opens at 8:00am SHARP on Monday, May 17th for Temecula residents within Temecula City limits.

  • Prior to registration, please click HERE to verify that your address is within Temecula City limits. Click on "I want to" and then "find by address." If your address does not populate, then you are considered a non-resident.

  • Non-resident registration opens on June 7th, if space allows. Non-residents are charged an additional $20 per session, per camper.

  • Prior to registration, it is a good idea to create a registration account and to familiarize yourself with the website. Be sure to add all family members to your account when creating it.

  • Prior to registration, have the following information ready to type/paste in. Consider typing it out ahead of time so that you can simply copy & paste onto the registration website.
    • The first & last name of any camper(s) you would like to request in your camper's cohort.
    • The first name, last name, and phone number of FOUR adults (including yourself) who are authorized to pick up your camper.
    • Your credit card information: number, expiration, security code, name on the card, and billing address.
  • At this time, there are no sibling discounts or scholarships. However, something we are offering are payment plans. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the graphic regarding payment plans. That will be the final screen you will see during the online registration. 

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