Plan Review

Plan Review is the process where our Building and Safety team reviews construction plans for compliance with all applicable Codes and Standards. The tables below will assist you with determine our  plan review times.   Please remember, fees are required for initial submittals. Fees and clearances are required prior to permit issuance.

 Plan Review Times
 Initial Submittal
 10-12 business days*
 2nd, 3rd, etc.. re-submittal/revisions
 5-7 business days*

*Incomplete applications may delay review times

After a review, applicants will receive "approval" or "corrections."

 Approval  Corrections
 "Approval" means that the plans are approved for permit issuance. Fees and all project specific clearances will be required before the permit is issued.  "Corrections" means that the plans will need to be corrected to address deficiencies. A correction letter and/or redlines (physical mark-ups on the plans) will accompany your plans. Once the deficiencies are corrected on the plans, applicants can re-submit the plans to the Building and Safety Department (make sure to have the correct number of plan copies).  Be sure to address all "corrections" as plans will not be approved without all deficiencies being addressed.